Announcing Pacemaker Cloud 0.6.0 release

I am super pleased to announce the release of Pacemaker Cloud 0.6.0.

Pádraig Brady will be providing a live demonstration of Pacemaker Cloud integrated with OpenStack at FOSDEM.


What is pacemaker cloud?

Pacemaker Cloud is a high scale high availability system for virtual machine and cloud environments.  Pacemaker Cloud uses the techniques of fault detection, fault isolation, recovery and notification to provide a full high availability solution tailored to cloud environments.

Pacemaker Cloud combines multiple virtual machines (called assemblies) into one application group (called a deployable).  The deployable is then managed to maintain an active and running state in in the face of failures.  Recovery escalation is used to recover from repetitive failures and drive the deployable to a known good working state.

New in this release:

  • OpenStack integration
  • Division of supported infrastructures into separate packaging
  • Ubuntu assembly support
  • WordPress vm + MySql deployable demonstration
  • Significantly more readable event notification output
  • Add ssh keys to generated assemblies
  • Recovery escalation
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements

Where to get the software:

The software is available for download on the project’s website.

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